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What is the CEQ Institute?

The Commitment to Equity (CEQ) Institute, founded by Nora Lustig in 2015, works to reduce inequality and poverty through comprehensive and rigorous tax and benefit incidence analysis, and active engagement with the policy community. Click here for a primer. Click here to learn more about the CEQ Institute.

CEQ HANDBOOK 2022 2nd Edition

NEW! The Commitment to Equity Handbook: Estimating the Impact of Fiscal Policy on Inequality and Poverty (2022), edited by Nora Lustig, is available. Access the two volumes for free below by clicking the thumbnails. Access the online only parts via the main menu under “Handbook.”

“… unique in its conceptual clarity and methodological comprehensiveness…”
Francisco H. G. Ferreira

“… an enormous contribution to the existing body of evidence and knowledge on fiscal incidence…”
Jorge Martinez-Vazquez

“…These two volumes provide a theoretical and empirical guidebook …”
Branko Milanovic

“… an excellent resource for evaluating the distributive effects of tax reforms and public policies…”
José Antonio Ocampo

“… a key contribution to the much needed discussion about democratic transparency, measurement methods and inequality… A must-read”
Thomas Piketty

Citing the CEQ Institute

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