The 2017 IPP International Conference

August 19-20, 2017
Guangzhou, China

Nora Lustig and Ali Enami presented at the IPP International Conference “Development and Poverty: China and the World.” The conference was held in Guangzhou, China and organized by the Institute of Public Policy of South China University of Technology in cooperation with UNESCO. 

The conference featured speakers and participants from the West, East Asia, South Asia, Latin America, and mainland China to discuss challenges faced by countries in their global development and poverty reduction initiative. The conference aims to deepen the understanding of the issue of poverty alleviation through analyses of poverty governance experience in China, and around the world.


“Deconstructing the Decline in Inequality in Latin America,” by Nora Lustig. Presented via videoconference at The 2017 IPP International Conference, Guangzhou, China. August 19, 2017.