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CEQ Working Paper Series Submissions

Congratulations on receiving an invitation to publish your paper as a CEQ Institute working paper! Please carefully read the instructions and fill out the form below.

  • Papers published in the CEQ Institute Working Papers series are by invitation only. The form below should only be filled out by invited author(s) when submitting the final version of their paper. Please do not share the link.
  • Please submit your paper in Word and PDF. The PDF version will be published “as is” so proper formatting is the responsibility of the author.
  • CEQ Working Paper cover, title and abstract pages are formatted in Garamond font. We encourage authors to submit papers in 12 pt Garamond font to maintain uniformity. Please see example.
  • If you intend to submit the paper to a journal, please contact Carlos Martin del Campo ( for instructions/submission guidelines. If your paper was written as part of a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation grant please note that we must follow the guidelines of the Foundation’s Open Access Policy.
  • If a paper has been updated/corrected since submission, please re-submit paper via this form.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Carlos Martin del Campo at

Please list ALL authors in the order you want them to be shown on the cover, title and abstract pages.
Please double-check your responses for this section. Thank you!
Please refer to country and topic categories in the right sidebar to determine which categories correspond to your paper. Please enter them below.
Please attach PDF and Word (not applicable for author(s) using LaTeX) versions of your finalized paper. The CEQ Institute will not make any text edits/formatting changes to the body of the paper.